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Hypnotherapist / Healer / Transformation Guide & Mentor

About me. J Wood

'A Therapist is like the weather: they provide a climate for change.'

I’m James Wood,
An holistic therapist (the treatment of the whole person) healer and transformation guide and mentor from Milton Keynes, UK specializing in Hypnotherapy, with counselling skills (Dip hyp CS) and several, insightful healing modalities.

I help and assist individuals in getting unstuck from poor belief systems about their potential ~ overcoming fears and obstacles in order to realign themselves to their true and unwavering core of abundance.

Rediscover your true and fulfilling purpose here and now and awaken your inner light of potentiality.

That which lies dormant within you just beyond your current and perceivable reach.

Over the past several years I have helped many people to conquer some of their biggest hindering life issues, habits and beliefs with the use of hypnotherapy, energy healing and self-inquiry, a simple yet profound inversion technique of questioning our most predominant and often non-serving thoughts.

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind has been paramount in my learning of how we create our own reality and daily lives from our most unquestioned thoughts and belief systems.
Hypnotherapy NLP is one of the most recognized psychological tools that can offer great insight in to these systems and help us to see them for what they are, and thus move forwards.

I've been a passionate and professional drummer/percussionist for nearly 20 years now and during my early twenties I was subject to a great personal transformation, an awakening - which undoubtedly redirected me on to a fast track of inner joy, peace and service to others.
Since then it has been my mission statement to empower others and help them to reach these personal insights for themselves.

the legendary Albert Einstein once said;
"Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act."

As a Transformation guide & mentor I can assist you greatly through the early stages and rocky waters of spiritual awakening, to aid you in navigating your way through the many layers of "Maya" illusion unveiling to reach your core potential.

I can assist you with:
* Spiritual awakening (and its many facets) "who am I and why am I here?"...
* Transpersonal experiences such as; spiritual emergency, peak experiences, epiphany, awakenings
* Learning to stay grounded and find inner balance during these fast paced times
* How to heal & overcome lack of motivation, purpose and fatigue
* Better managing awakening & ascension symptoms and learning/fully understanding their meanings such as; uninvited or intermittent aches & pains, ringing in the ears, fatigue, bouts of depression / mood swings & even suicidal thoughts
* Discovering your truest and most congruent life purpose and Soul destiny in order to reach your highest potential

I've been learning the transpersonal and its many areas for sometime now.
A sub-field of psychology dealing with the heuristic and evolutionary potential of the human psyche and nature through non-ordinary states of consciousness, and/or transcendent and spiritual experiences - sometimes unexpectedly happening to an individual during a certain time in their life.

The transpersonal is truly nothing to be scared, frightful or ashamed of in any sense whatsoever, and a guide or mentor such as myself with transpersonal experiences behind them is always best advised.
For, as western psychology increasingly integrates the transpersonal more and more in to its models of psychology and mental health it discovers the scope and increase of transpersonal experiences, often in younger individuals across the planet. With a high percentage occuring before the age of just 25.

“Transpersonal psychology, a discipline that is trying to integrate spirituality with the new paradigm emerging in Western science, could help alleviate the crisis we are all facing.
These observations suggest that radical psychospiritual transformation of humanity is not only possible, but is already underway. The question is only whether it can be sufficiently fast and extensive to reverse the current self-destructive trend of modern humanity.”
Dr Stanislav grof

I currently offer a private and confidential space with easy public access in Great Linford, North Milton Keynes, where together we can work on getting to the root cause of your unique problem/s.

My personal interests lie in affirming scientific and experiential evidence behind true and lasting happiness, the untapped potential of the human mind and methods for inquiry such as mindfulness, self inquiry and complete well being.

It is my aim that I can assist you to return to your optimal health where balance and harmony prevail, as this is a birth right for each one of us.

'Health is your greatest wealth and personal experience is the richness of life!'

I wish you well. InJoy, James.


'Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.' - Gautama Buddha

Hypnotherapist in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

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