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Here you will find information on the various healing modalities I use.

Mindfulness: Your mind is full. What is it full of?

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Hi there.

Having spent many years of my personal life working on my inner well being and mental state, I now offer several methods of healing modality to you as well as beginner mindfulness guidance & training.

The healing I offer is of a fully inclusive, holistic approach and comes from a place of care and reverence.
Meaning I take in to consideration the whole of your symptoms on every level in order to incorporate the best treatment possible - this can often include seeking professional medical advice prior to our session.

"Soul Plan" Reading is a highly intuitive and thorough form of Life Plan Reading which leaves an individual with a clearer view on their purpose, gifts and life direction...

It can aid with lack of motivation, low self esteem and mild depression by listing and highlighting an individuals potential; Worldly Goals/Talents and challenges, as well as Spiritual Goals/Talents and challenges.

A Soul Plan Reading ends with the persons - "Soul Destiny" - ultimately what your whole energy/self is here to do and be at this time on Earth.

A reading takes approx 60+ minutes and can be performed either in person in a therapy setting or via Skype.

All that is required prior to the meeting is your true, original & full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate.

Further questions / inquiries? Please just ask using the contact information on this site.
Blue Marsden (creator) on Soul Plan -
"Soul Plan is a practical method that recognizes it is important to take steps to make your life work well - it also recognizes that what most people are really seeking is their true self. As you align with who you are at a deep level all the other things tend to fall into line naturally.
Everyday life goals and ambitions may continue if that's part of your plan. Yet beyond this, true joy and satisfaction comes from an appreciation of your life journey.
Soul Plan provides a structure that can help clarify your deeper inner orientation and therefore a more sustaining path.
It confirms a life direction more likely to satisfy you at a deeper level.
For many this will provide a great sense of relief; it will also increase your confidence, alignment and sense of purpose, as well as giving you a far greater insight and understanding of your true nature and that of others."

I offer two main healing methods; one being a natural hands healing mode similar to Reiki only seated - using the "King technique" further explained below. The other is drumming of a shamanistic nature.

Natural healing (also known as hands healing or spiritual healing – similar to Reiki except seated) is a healing performance technique using one’s hands (minimal contact involved) as channels to a patients energy centers.

Here I work with an individuals Aura where illness is reflected and very often the root cause of a persons psychosomatic conditions.
This in turn removes unwanted energy clinging to the patients Aura and surrounding the bodies main energy centers or chakras respectively.

When the aura is in harmony, so must the physical body be as well.

The “King Technique” was devised by Dr George King in the late 1950’s and has been used successfully to heal tens of thousands of people all over the world from conditions ranging from; minor headache to partial blindness. Hip conditions, rheumatism, arthritis, severe stress, back pains, gout, depression, asthma, muscular contractions, convulsive spasms, traumatic shock, whiplash, toothache, migraine, heart conditions, HIV and cancer.
These are just some conditions which have been assisted or completely cured by healers using the King Technique.

Natural Healing sessions are given on a donations basis of £15 and last up to 45 minutes
(This includes a brief assessment of symptoms.)

Deep-drumming in a shamanistic style.
Low-tuned vibrating drumming in steady rhythmic patterns has the capacity to reach the very core of our being, helping to release unwanted and detrimental energy as well as stressful blockages. Drumming has been evidenced as effective for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure and much more.

How a typical session might look:
I use two or less acoustic, low tuned drums playing repetitive trance based rhythms for your core to latch on to, en-training your busy mind and body state in to a much calmer, more coherent and healthy natural overall state. I usually encourage individuals to lay down comfortably or be seated.

for more information on drum healing, see here: http://www.intraperspective.com/drum-healing
and for any additional information please simply use the contact details page and I will be happy to answer any inquiries.

for the medical sciences on drumming see:


Mindfulness can be described as; a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

Mindfulness is recommended by the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence and is as effective as medication for preventing depression. It can also work for anyone willing to try who may be finding it difficult to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world.

I assist individuals with basic mindfulness and meditation training using my several years of active group participation and experience as well as theoretical knowledge - helping you to restore inner mental peace and harmony which will inevitably have great and positive impact on your day to day life and working/personal relationships, reducing stress / anxiety levels dramatically.

Please feel free to come and experience some complete mindfulness today.

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