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'The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.'

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(Wellness guidance & Counselling in Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes)

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I've been there and I can assist...please read on

My training and certification have enabled me with professional counselling skills (Dip Hyp CS) alongside healing and hypnotherapy respectively.

Services are offered for – but not restricted to:
Spiritual and/or religious awakening and/or crisis, Eating patterns and habits, Repression, Societal alienation, Cumulative traumas, Fears, Obsessive and compulsive behaviours, Sexual Dysfunction as well as working with Self-esteem and habits.

As a natural born intuitive; A person who is highly receptive and responsive to another individuals; energy or thoughts, aura as well as the emotional state and signature of their heart felt emotional space. I can quickly and efficiently help you in discovering the root cause of your symptom/s (and/or) life issues - to assist in enlightening you towards true progression and purpose in life.

The wellness counselling and mentoring services that I offer are based on an integrative and intuitive approach using much of my experience and skill sets.
This means that I treat each and every person solely as an individual and I respect that no two cases are the same.

Please feel free to make contact - with no obligation - to discover how I can best assist you today.

Alongside Skype mentoring & guidance - I currently offer a confidential and safe space with easy public access in Great Linford, North Milton Keynes where together we can work on getting to the root cause of your unique problem/s - returning you to a more focused, coherent and mindful state.

I have several years of personal experience with self-inquiry - an approach of lifestyle that attempts to understand the overall as well as overriding characteristics to complete well being and living, and I love nothing more than sharing these findings of knowledge and wisdom. Helping you to empower your every day life.

To speak with me in person please call +447936 621 241 leaving a full message and contact details if necessary and I will get back to you at my first available opportunity.

Alternatively email me at [email protected] with your inquiries and requests.

Mind: A beautiful servant, a dangerous master.

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